High School In Minnesota Raises American Flag Upside Down


According to students at a Minnesota High School that is just the impression that faculty attempted to leave with their students. On Monday, May 15th, 2017 students arrived to school and immediately noticed that “Old Glory” was upside down, while the State of Minnesota and the POW-MIA flags were right side up. A student from the school, (that chose to go by his first name only) Henley, posted several pictures to a Facebook group where he drew the attention of The Red Elephants.


The America flag remained upside down until Henley and several other students marched into the office and demanded the flag be turned around. The school eventually obliged and corrected the flag.

Was this an attempt by faculty to make a political statement at a publicly funded school or was it simply an accident?


“We do believe that it was not an accident because the other two flags had been right side up.” – Henley (Rosemount H.S. Student)