Harvard University Just ‘Cucked’ Out Big Time

We in the North East, once in awhile, make fun of the “fruits” and “nuts” in California.  Not the literal ones, the figurative ones.  With shame in my heart, a submissive posture and a hung head, I have to admit that we in the North East will soon be bequeathed possession of the stupid prize.  On May 23, 2017, Harvard University will be granted the dubious honor of winning the STUPID PRIZE.  The oldest, most prestigious University in the United States, Harvard will hold a SEGREGATED commencement.  If that doesn’t take the stupid prize I don’t know what does.    

As it turns out, Harvard University is the most racist University in the United States. I thought racism was on its last legs.  I thought it was dying.  I thought it was breathing it’s last breaths.  I never thought I would see anything like this in my lifetime.  I was wrong.  Racism is alive and well and thrives in Cambridge Massachusetts.  Everything we have held dear since the founding of this country is now up for grabs in Cambridge.  Will this forever be a scar on the face of Harvard University?

Boston is the home of the Underground Railroad.  So advanced that we never even had Jim Crow laws. We like to think we are at the forefront of the fight against racism.  Then what does Harvard University do?  Spit in all of our faces.

We here in the North East, had the Amistad trial (United States v. Schooner Amistad).   You remember the Amistad.  It came into Connecticut, after the would-be slaves took over the ship and killed the Captain.  There was a movie about it (historically inaccurate, but good).  We actively disagreed with slavery.  We sent kids to get beat up with Dr. King, and we are the home of the Underground Railroad. Then Harvard goes and does this.    

On behalf of the entire North East, I apologize for all the nasty remarks that we have made about the fruits and the nuts in California.  Turns out segregation is alive and well at the oldest University in the United States.