What Guns Were Used in Las Vegas Shooting?

Were The Guns Paddock Used Legal?

As I just stated in my previous article, we shouldn’t jump to conclusions.  What I want to do here though is walk you through my thought process and how I got to the conclusion that I came to with my expertise in firearms.  First, a little history about myself.

I am a Marine that served a few years on active duty.  Now, I work with a firearms manufacturing business and I am constantly around all types of firearms.

Multiple mainstream news outlets are claiming that the primary weapon used was an M249 SAW.  I will say for 100% certain that was not the primary weapon used.  The weapon used in this shooting has a cyclic rate of fire of around 600 rounds per minute.  An M249 has a cyclic rate of about 900 rounds per minute.

Before I jump into the deeper details I want to give you a quick rundown on what I believe is true (with the current information at hand).

  1. Primary weapon was not legal.  Full auto machine guns have not been legal since the NFA for your everyday citizen to own.
  2. Use of devices like Binary triggers and the like do not stand up to the cadence and pace that was kept.
  3. Most likely a belt fed machine gun firing a heavier type bullet (I.E. 7.62 and up)

Here is the reasoning for the last two points and then I will tell you what firearm I believe he used at the end.

Binary and Echo triggers have variants in the cadence and do not keep steady pace.  In the main video that has gone viral people have mentioned the break in cadence around the 56 second mark.  That sounds exactly like a metal linked belted machine gun sounds like if the links snag and force a slow down in the rate of fire.  Also the time between 100 round burst would also fall in line with the standard link amounts for nut sacks (belt feeding device for machine guns) and the reloading time.  Below I will be walking you through some videos to compare and contrast.

First the main video.  I want you to pay attention to the time it takes for his first burst to stop and the approximate rounds that were fired.  Also pay attention around 56 second for the slow down in cadence.

Up next I want to show you what it is not.  It is not an RPK, M4, M249, PKM, and most likely not magazine fed.

Here is a full auto M4 firing.  Much faster than the Las Vegas shooting.

I’m also going to just peg all belt fed AK variants into the no category too.  They all have higher rates of fire.  Here is a belt fed PKM.

The next thing I want to rule out is binary and slide fire.  Now these vary heavily between users but that is also part of my argument against these tools.



Now that we have all those out of the way I think we can go into what it might be.  Here is a full auto AK47 with a 100 round drum magazine.

This is by far the closest sounding to the one in the video.  The heavier super sonic crack of the bullet says its about the right weight.  The cadence and bolt weight sound about right.  The round count is possible for the extended length burst.  The one main problem with this is the reliability issues and the slow down in cadence in the main video.  Drum mags do not slow a weapon, they will just jam it completely.  A belt however, can slow down a machine gun without stopping it.  Once the tension on the belt is relived the cadence will start back up to its original rate.

That is why if I had to take a wild swing at what weapon was used I would guess it was a M240 Bravo or similar weapon system.  They are ready to except tri-pods, which the police stated they found in his multiple weapons he had.  They are out there on the black market from military parts that disappear or “break”.  The ammo it shoots is the 7.62×51 NATO and it uses metal linked belts.  The cyclic rate of fire is around 650-700 rounds per minute (although it can be adjusted higher it typically wont for controllability and ammo conservation).  To finish up, here is the comparison.

So this is my best guess as to what was used.  Ultimately, don’t believe the sensationalism that is already coming out about the need for gun control.  None of the proposed firearm legislation could have prevented this.  Stephen Paddock had no criminal history according to main stream outlets, and a relative, Eric Paddock (Brother), said “He was not an avid gun guy at all”.  This all points out to help from larger organizations such as ISIS or other conspiracy theories (conspiracy simply means more than one person plan together.  Root word conspire; P.S. they’re making the frogs gay.)


Ultimately the gun used doesn’t matter.  Last count I heard was 58 dead, and 406 hospitalized.  Let’s all take some time today to appreciate our families and tell them we love them.  Let’s pray for those who have lost family members today.