rep_richard_hudson-680x365A little ray of sunshine has appeared for gun owners living in oppressed states like California and New Jersey. Last week Rep. Richard Hudson (R) of North Carolina introduced a bill through Congress to put guns back on the hips of law abiding citizens.


Dubbed the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017 the bill aims to allow Americans who possess a valid concealed carry weapons permit (CCW) to carry their firearms in ALL states, not just the state in which it was issued. Furthermore, the bill specifies that permits issued to non-residents in states like Virginia, Utah, and Arizona must now be honored everywhere. This is especially helpful to those who live in traditionally blue states like California where the process of obtaining a concealed carry permit is near draconian. While it is true that some states already have reciprocity laws in effect the same cannot be said for everyone.


It has been a long standing argument between 2nd amendment advocates and the “liberal elite” as to whether or not Joe P. America should be allowed to carry firearms in public places. The Left claims that it unnecessarily endangers lives, while Conservatives have consistently proven that putting guns in the hands of a “Good Guys” actually stops crime.

Just this week in Tonopah, Arizona a state trooper was ambushed and shot multiple times while responding to a vehicle collision. An unidentified passerby witnessed the incident and intervened. He ordered the man who was reportedly beating the trooper to drop his weapon. After he failed to comply the man shot the attacker, effectively ending the threat and saving the troopers life. Had the unknown man not been empowered to use his firearm it may have ended very differently for both of them. This is just one case where a “Good Guy” with a gun prevented a potentially dangerous situation from getting out of hand. The internet is littered with videos and news articles proving this point and I encourage anyone looking who is against gun rights to use this story as an example.


One thing is for certain no matter which side you fall on when it comes to concealed carry, this man’s heroic actions saved a life. It stopped an attack and ensured that a cop was able to return safely to his family, we should all be so lucky.