The Fourth Of July, I love it… Antifa hates it

An American Patriot is treated after being assaulted by Antifa domestic terrorist thugs at Freedom Rally for July 4th.

Antifa Hates Independence Day Because They Hate America

I grew up in a small, working class town.  My values, hard work, love of Country and respect for others, always provide a compass for me to follow.  Perhaps that is why being Conservative comes so naturally to me.

The significance of Independence Day is very personal.  I love America and feel blessed to have been born here and able to enjoy freedoms so many others covet.  I find it disgusting and insulting therefore to witness the behavior of the Left, especially by cabals like Antifa, Oregon Students Empowered and Black Bloc,  just to name a few.  In Portland where I live, they’re extraordinarily disgusting.

I wonder, do they know the sacrifice given by our Military Veterans?  Do they understand how blessed they are to live in America, not Mexico, South Africa or South Korea?

I covered yet another event in my Liberal hometown and was shocked again to see their despise of this country.  This time it was a Freedom Rally hosted by Joey Gibson and His Patriot Prayer Group.  Did I figure, because it was on the weekend of the Celebration of our beautiful Country, that liberals would have the common courtesy to not burn flags, start fights or spew hatred?  Yes, I wanted to, but the rational Conservative inside of me knows their desire to destroy the country that I and so many others hold dear.

Behold the America hating extremists…