FACT CHECK: Black Unemployment Was Actually Up Throughout the Majority of Obama’s Presidency

No, Obama is NOT Responsible for Lowering Black Unemployment

Kamala Harris recently appeared on Jake Tapper’s show to discuss the reason why the black congressional caucus didn’t stand when President Trump talked about the black unemployment rate being at the lowest level in recorded history.

She mentioned that they didn’t stand because Trump at the end of his statement should have said ‘thank you Obama’ and that in her words, it was Obama’s policies that caused a ‘five-point swing.’ Is this true?  No.  Not only did Obama not even come close to a five-point decrease throughout his entire presidency, but black unemployment was actually up throughout most of his entire two-year term. I’ll show you why below, but first here is Harris’ segment…

Brian Stelter and Van Jones also spoke about Trump touting this achievement on multiple occasions. In one segment they actually showed a very dishonest condensed graph that started near the end of 2011 and ended at the end of 2017.  The graph was so condensed that it appeared as if their narrative was correct and that there has just been this great decline in black unemployment throughout Obama’s presidency.  But this is completely false…

Contrary to the ‘five-point wing’ that Kamala Harris parroted, likely originating from CNN, Obama actually only had about a 3 point swing in black unemployment throughout his ENTIRE 8 year presidency. And for the majority of his presidency, he recorded double digit black unemployment. More importantly, the black unemployment was actually up throughout most of the time he was in office. Obam started with an 11.5 black unemployment rate in 2008, and by the end of 2014 it was up at 11.6. Obama couldn’t even manage to decrease the black unemployment by even one tenth of one point for six freaking years! I might remind you he was a black president.

Here is an expanded graph that shows the truth…

As you can see in November of 2008 the black unemployment rate was at 11.5, six years later in July of 2014 it was at 11.6.  So much for CNN actually telling the truth.  But hey, this just goes to show you that CNN has to alter and condense even the simplest graphs to get you to believe in their narrative in efforts to bash Trump.