EPIC: CNN’S Anderson Cooper Eviscerated By Trump Aid Gorka

Russia Collusion Delusion

Very rarely in our viewing experiences are we ever afforded the scintillating opportunity to bare witness to a total and devastating, unadulterated, and absolutely eviscerating beat-down of a top liberal mainstream media news anchor.  But such was the case recently when witnessing CNN’S Anderson Cooper’s repeatedly futile and ineffectual attempts at knocking Dr. Sebastian Gorka off point, while Gorka expertly rendered Cooper utterly, ultimately impotent.

Cooper was trying in vain to pin Gorka down with questions concerning the latest story-non-story CNN was peddling to their minuscule, brainwashed audience, i.e., the current RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA alarmist nonsense concerning Donald Trump, Jr.  But Gorka, who also used CNN as a platform to totally embarrass Jake Tapper and mortifyingly humiliate former Obama top aid Ben  Rhodes (referring to Rhodes as having “a Masters Degree in fictional writing” in reference to his infamous work on the fake Benghazi talking points and the unbelievably heinous Iran nuclear deal) just a few days ago, shut Cooper down in no uncertain terms.  With just two words to start:  “It’s laughable!”

The car crash of Cooper against the mountain of granite, Gorka, is made even more diabolically delicious to take in by the added sardonic wit of the Daily Caller’s Tim Young describing the debacle.  It is a pure cornucopian feast for the eyes and ears.

Gorka Vs. Cooper Vs. Tim Young

Could CNN's Anderson Cooper handle a White House aide? You can probably guess the answer…

Posted by The Daily Caller on Monday, July 17, 2017

Falling Into Fake News Traps

Cooper set the whole thing in motion with the non-question, “The President has had four days now without an event on his public schedule.  You’ve heard the reporting that there’s a bunker mode in parts of the White House since the news of Donald Trump, Jr. broke.  I want you to be able to comment on that.”

Gorka instantaneously replied “Oh, ABSOLUTELY!  It’s LAUGHABLE!”  He then proceeded to forcefully and systematically recite a litany of the Trump Presidency’s accomplishments and current projects, while sprinkling in numerous insults to CNN and citing fake news repeatedly.  He was stressing real issues and telling Cooper that, in direct contravention, Cooper was falling into “fake news traps.”

Gorka, totally taking over control of the interview, then started to interrogate Cooper.

“You know why the President’s description is accurate?  Because there never were witches and there never was any collusion.  It’s bogus.  The DNC was involved.”

Let The Viewers Judge

Gorka then parlays some perspective.  “Let’s let the viewers judge, who have decided now that you are in 13th place in national ratings, behind Nick At Night which is 11th.  Tucker Carlson gets 4,000,000 viewers.  You barely scratch 800,000.”  Cooper responds with more sophomoric taunting, but Gorka will have no part of that.  He launches into a serious screed on the mainstream media and CNN in particular.

“It’s just fake news.  I’m sad to see CNN fall to this.  I know you want salacious, sensational coverage for your ratings so your corporate sponsors and owners will have more money.  But that’s not media, that’s not reportage, it’s just fake news…This is just about ratings and money.  It’s really quite sad.”

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Gorka refuses to let go that the liberal media has given a pass to Hillary Clinton and the DNC for doing exactly what they accused the Trump administration of doing, going so far as calling it an “impeachable offense” on Trump’s part.   Gorka lectures Cooper with great admonishment on differentiating the glaring dissimilitudes between what the two parties had each done and why what the democrats did really was underhanded and unconstitutional.

“No, they actually initiated it.  The DNC initiated it.  That’s where the REAL story is.  When you actually go to another government to coordinate dirt on a political campaign.  This isn’t something we started.  There is a massive difference. You DO know the difference, right?  When YOU initiate it?”

DNC Actually DID Collude With Ukraine

Gorka’s glorious diatribe leaves Anderson Cooper stammering to himself while he slouches down and wallows in his own impotency.  Cooper finally retorts sheepishly “Yeah, I understand the word ‘initiate.'”  To which Gorka replies simply, yet triumphantly “GOOD!”

Then Tim Young closes the video presentation with a solid sardonic summation.  “The REAL story is the DNC reaching out to the Ukraine government to work together to help win this election.  They were the ones colluding with foreign governments.  But nobody has really reported on that.  Sebastian Gorka brought that up over, and over, and over again.  And of course, it was ignored because that is not the narrative that the corporate sponsors at CNN want to cover.  Glorious, just a glorious interview!  That guy, Sebastian Gorka…he is going to get their viewership up on CNN.  When people say he’s on, then people are gonna tune in.”

"CNN, the rest of the mainstream media – it's Russia, Russia, Russia. They talk more about Russia than America."Last night on "Justice," Dr. Sebastian Gorka slammed the mainstream media for ignoring President Donald J. Trump's accomplishments in favor of a relentless focus on Russia.

Posted by Fox News on Sunday, July 16, 2017


Not One Piece Of Evidence

Gorka also gave his intellectual prowess, ability to stay on point at all times, and irrepressible relentlessness, an audience on the Fox News Channel with Judge Jeanine.  The major points of contention with the Judge were primarily the same ones he had gutted Anderson Cooper over.  It did not take long before he was spouting more poignant truths, without the sarcasm, but every bit as forceful as the ones he had beaten Cooper down with.

“Think about all these people, they’re obsessing on this fake news, literally lies.  Not one piece of evidence of anything done illegally by the Trump campaign or this administration. Despite Hillary Clinton, her husband, the DNC, the Ukrainian government, totally complicit in all kinds of incredibly shady deals.”

Incredibly Shady Deals Not Done Dirt Cheap

Why is it that no one in the mainstream media is reporting on this, as well as all of the other significant crimes of which Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and the DNC remain complicit and unpunished for.  Of course, there usually has to be an investigation before anyone can be punished for anything.  And at this time, there are no investigations into the high crimes of either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.  And the Mainstream media is as complicit of a partner in crime as anyone could ever be for their continuously covering up of misdeeds by democrats, or at a minimum, the outright refusal to investigate or report on anything negative which the demagogues they worship ever do.

But President Trump and his administration are hard at work and not paying attention to all of the fake news smokescreens the Leftist media keeps throwing up all around them.  Especially the constant, hollow drumbeat of the RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA, collusion delusion, as testified to by that magnificent MAGA soldier, Dr. Sebastian Gorka.

“This isn’t a distraction.  People think that this is what we talk about in the West Wing.  We couldn’t care less.  We are working, we’re pushing forward, and we are Making America Great Again!”

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