CPAC Banned Conservatives, Gave Leftist Activists Special Passes and Speaking Slots

• Conservatives Banned, Passes Revoked

• Far Left Activists and Media Welcomed

• Has the America First Movement Been Taken Over by Special       Interest Groups?

I arrived at CPAC this year expecting nothing different than years past, a mainstream event funded by big tech and special interest groups.  What I did not expect however was to see far left activists, who’s sole purpose is to de-platform conservatives, welcomed and given media passes, while nationalists and other conservatives were banned. But that is exactly what happened.

Conservatives Who Were Banned

Faith Goldy (PASS DENIED)

Faith Goldy, a former employee of Rebel Media and now working for VDARE, had her press pass revoked by CPAC after the same far left outlets who were invited to the conference allegedly pushed for her pass to be revoked. CPAC caved to the left-wing media that was there.

Nick Fuentes (BANNED)

Nick Fuentes, a former employee of Right Side Broadcasting (RSBN) and now the host of his own show called America First on YouTube, had his pass completely revoked and security was sent after him with hands literally on their guns to kick him out of the show and hall entirely. All of this while the far-left Will Sommers of the Daily Beast was invited, given a press pass, and even reported whole there about Fuentes being banned seemingly mocking him.

Patrick Casey (BANNED)

Patrick Casey of Identity Evropa, a nationalist ‘identitarian’ group that goes from college to college to post flyers about the problems that mass immigration causes in America, was denied a pass altogether from CPAC.  Casey was also nearly banned from the premises altogether after the far-left activist media who were also there allegedly campaigned for him to be kicked out.  He posted a photo on twitter mimicking the photo that Fuentes posted in front of the same restaurant.

Laura Loomer (PASS REVOKED)

Laura Loomer, another former employee of Rebel Media also had her pass revoked by CPAC. Loomer took video of CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) authorities confiscating her credentials just outside a security checkpoint for president Trump’s speech. The video was provided to Breitbart News. She told them she had recently talked to Donald Trump Jr. and that he had 265,000 followers on Twitter before the platform banned her. She added that she had just had dinner with Trump 2020 campaign senior advisor Katrina Pierson.

“They are now banning me from CPAC,” Loomer said in the video of her handing her CPAC Media credentials to the officials. “I’m one of President Trump’s biggest supporters.”

Far-Left Activists and Media that Were Welcomed with Open Arms at CPAC

Jared Holt (WELCOMED)

Jared Holt, the top writer for Right-Wing watch, which is funded by People for the American Way, was not only accepted at CPAC, but he was given a special media pass.  Holt has been allegedly instrumental in getting many people de-platformed from social media including Nick Fuentes who was recently banned from StreamLabs after Holt tweeted at them. People for the American way is directly funded by Open Society Foundation.

Jared Holt was even invited to the Turning Point USA and CPAC party later one, where he gathered content for his tweets and articles bashing conservatives later on.

Will Sommers (WELCOMED)

Will Sommers a journalist for the far-left website The Daily Beast which is full of activists and hardly any journalists, was more than welcome at CPAC and given a special press pass as well.  Will Sommers is also reportedly responsible for many conservatives being de-platformed and kicked off of several different social media platforms. Yet for some reason Matt Schlapp and the rest of the CPAC organizers loved top have him there.

While Sommers was there I witnessed him taking random pictures of right-wingers for his hit pieces he was going to write later on.  Like this one:

Christopher Mathias (WELCOMED)

Christopher Mathias, an activist / journalist for the Huffington Post was also welcomed and given a press pass by Schlapp and the CPAC organizers.  I also saw Mathias while attending the press conference that Loomer and Jacob Wohl organized taking pictures of random conservatives without getting their authorization.  He was seemingly taking these pictures so that he can use them later one to smear attendees.  Much like this:

The Chapo Trap House (WELCOMED)

The Chapo Trap House, a far-left podcast show was wlecomed with open arms as well by Schlapp and CPAC and were also awarded with special media passes.  They were busy having fun bashing Trump while conservatives and nationalists were being literally chased by security guards with guns and having their badges and passes revoked.


Van Jones, a pundit who works for CNN and has been very critical of Trump and conservatives was not only welcomed at CPAC but given a speaking slot. During his speech he rattled off more fake news as he does when he said that “illegal aliens commit a lower crime rate than legal residents.”

This was not challenged at all by Matt Schlapp the event organizer, but is statistically inaccurate and couldn’t be more false. According to the GAO, criminal aliens committed 25,000 homicides from 2003 to 2009 and about 4,166 murders per year.  Even if we go off of just the low number that the DOJ gives us here, we get about 2,000 homicides per year which is approximately a 15.7 per 100,000 homicide rate.  This is much higher than the 5.1 per 100,000 homicide rate the average legal resident commits.

Who Organized CPAC?

Matt Schlapp and Mercedes Schalapp put the conference on this year, and it was an absolute cringe-fest.  Somehow the Schlapps also found their way into top ranks of the White House as well.  According to Big League Politics, Mercedes Schlapp was one of the people that blocked the Angel Moms organization from meeting with Trump before he signed the recent spending bill.  High-level officials reportedly including Mercedes Schlapp – without Trump’s knowledge – denied Angel Moms a meeting with Trump to discuss the budget bill, which did not include full border wall funding, and also included some amnesty for illegals.

Sabine Durden, one of the Angel Moms, a group of brave activists whose children have been slain by illegal aliens, was denied the opportunity to meet with Trump to discuss her opposition to the budget.

Matt Schlapp was confronted about CPAC banning people and allowing far left activists to attend and gain special passes.

Was CPAC About America First?

No.  Far from it.  It actually resembled AIPAC.  Most of the panels were about supporting and protecting Israel, the others were about big business which is not surprising since Google and big tech sponsored the event last year, and there was only one panel about immigration and somehow they also made that panel about Israel as well.  CPAC 2019 was not just far from America First, it was pretty much Israel first. Almost every booth at CPAC had some reference to Israel, and the “Build Israel Great Again” hats almost outnumbered MAGA hats. Faith Goldy was trolling the globalists buy purchasing one, the proceeds allegedly went to settlements in the contested Palestinian West Bank


Michelle Malkin Rightly SLAMMED the Event

In the only speech that addressed the biggest issue facing America right now, Michelle Malkin slammed the neocons, and the rest of the conference who are not focusing on the real issues facing America today.  Malkin was of course bashed by “conservatives” for her speech and will likely not be invited back to AIPAC  CPAC again.

Kris Kobach is Right About CPAC 

During an exclusive interview with SiriusXM Patriot’s Breitbart News Daily, live at CPAC, former Kansas secretary of state Kris Kobach told Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow that while the country’s mass illegal and legal immigration system may be the leading issue among voters, the conservative conference has devoted little-to-no time to the subject.

“There are so many problems in our immigration system,” Kobach said. “President Trump is the one we elected to solve them and here we are at CPAC, talking about other stuff.”

That other stuff Kobach is referring to, is likely all the Israel shilling that was happening at CPAC while our country is being invaded.