Charlottesville Smells Like George Soros

Who Else?

I stayed up late last night researching this Virginia phenomenon and found some interesting articles, tweets, and Facebook posts. I was looking for an outsider’s recap of the Charlottesville Unite the Right Rally and found little to no other sources besides ours.  Weird because our reporter on the ground noted that he saw plenty of drones there flying and recording overhead. Bottom line, there is a difference of opinion though to say the least. What we can agree on is that one attendee, and two State Troopers died tragically. I wanted to dig a bit deeper than the surface however.

Consenus from the conventional media is that the Charlottesville Police were given the order, reportedly from the Mayor Michael Signer to stand down. That seems odd to me, so I dug a bit deeper into why any Mayor would do that. Here is what I found, Mayor Signer has been on all the MSM segments, giving President Trump the blame.

Well, look at the campaign he (President Trump) ran,” Signer said on Jake Tapper’s show. “Trump’s courting of white supremacists, white nationalists, and anti-Semitic groups as well as his repeated failure to step up, condemn, denounce, silence (my favorite), and put to bed all of those different efforts just like what we saw yesterday,” Mayor Signer said.

Mayor Signer worked for the Center for American Progress and worked with John Podesta on Barack Obama’s State Department Transition Team, according to Wikipedia. The Center for American Progress is an organization which is funded by the one and only George Soros. If you dig little deeper you will find that he thinks that “America exceptionalism is vulgar.”

I found something else very interesting. Event organizer, blogger, Jason Kessler and the Deputy Mayor, Wes Bellamy have been at each other since December last year (2016). Mr. Kessler went to the City Council and demanded Wes Bellamy be removed from his position as a councilor for the City of Charlottesville. Mr. Kessler wanted to get Wes Bellamy fired, for his string of racist tweets that was even covered by CNN surprisingly.  Deputy Mayor Bellamy did apologize for the “youthful indiscretion” of his posted tweets however but they are extremely anti-white and made national headlines even before this rally. Skeptical yet? There is more.

On 10 Aug 10, Deputy Mayor Bellamy retweeted that the local paper was on the “wrong side” (of free speech).


This one speaks loudly about the Deputy Mayor’s thoughts on “White people”

August 10th, Deputy Mayor Wes Bellamy tweeted this:

Yes, Deputy Mayor Bellamy was concerned two days before the rally, the entire thing would be blamed on him.

Was this planned? By any means necessary? Deputy Vice Mayor Bellamy does that include three deaths? It seems so because you and the Mayor decided to recall the Charlottesville Police.  Just allow the (bused in) opposing rioters kill each other, literally? All this over a “stupid” statue? This debacle has George Soros, and his leftist crony’s fingerprints all over it.

Is This Just A Coincidence?

I never believed enough to look longer than 30 seconds at all the conspiracies going around about the car attack.  I thought that there is no justifying this.  I saw the video of the person hitting the car with a bat where some folks claimed the car was attacked before speeding up however to me, it looked like the car was already speeding up.  Plus why would he even go down that street if not in attempt to hit someone.  

Well that all changed last night when I saw the person who was the originator of the video with almost 100,000 retweets in just a few hours.  He was a former intelligence agent.  Not an undercover one, an actual out in the open former intelligence agent.

Is this just a coincidence?