You Won’t Believe These New Gun Control Restrictions for California

New Quasi-Leninist Gun Regulations For California

It’s no secret to most Americans that California has some of the tightest gun control laws in the nation. But, starting soon California gun owners will have an even tougher time navigating the political red tape in order to protect their families. Governor Jerry Brown signed 6 new firearms bills into law making it even harder for law abiding citizen to own guns within the state.


Among these sweeping regulations were two bills which have created a ban on “Assault Style” weapons like the AR-15. State legislatures have wrongly demonized AR-15’s and in some cases have lied about the weapons capabilities in an effort to scare and enrage the already liberal voters.



Under AB-1135 and SB-880 Ar-15’s can no longer be sold in the state as of January 1, 2017. The bad news for those that already own these 100% legal firearms, according to federal law, is that they must now re-register them as Assault Rifles in the state or face steep fines and even imprisonment. Of course AR owners have other options like converting or altering their firearms so that they no longer meet the criteria specified in the law.


However, what many do not realize is that California has already had an Assault Weapon ban on the books since 1989. These new bills only serve to reinforce and change the law in order to expand it into areas which were previously considered acceptable. Many California gun owners fear that it will only be a matter of time before new laws are enacted that may entirely strip them of their Second Amendment rights.

Gun Free Zone

Also included in what some have dubbed “Gun-Magendon” are SB-1235 and SB-1446. The first of the two will soon require a background check in order to purchase ammunition regardless of the amount. This law will also eventually lead to a statewide database of ammunition purchases and will all but end the ability to purchase ammunition online. SB-1446 serves as an addendum to the states existing “High Capacity Magazine” ban which previously stated that magazines that are capable of holding more that 10 rounds are illegal unless they were purchased before a certain date. Under the new law any magazine that holds more than 10 rounds must now be      surrendered to police or destroyed.

The other two bills will not have as big of an impact on Second Amendment rights as the other four will. One makes it a crime to falsely report a firearm as being stolen while the other prevents the loaning of firearms to other individuals.

Fortunately only some of these laws take effect on January 1 while the others wont go into effect until July or later giving us Californians time to comply with these outrageous attacks on the Second Amendment. It is often said that the Second Amendment protects all others, let’s just hope that the liberal agenda of the state doesn’t soon encroach on any of our other freedoms.