BOSTON: The First Amendment Died in the Cradle of Liberty

“The Cradle Of Liberty Saw Free Speech Die That Day”

August 19th, 2017 was a day of firsts for me.  My first big protest, first time live streaming for The Red Elephants, first time I saw Kyle “Based Stickman” Chapman in person, by the way he is a very large human.  It was my first ride in the back of a paddy wagon, first time a Cop manhandled me.  It was also the first time I cried, mourning for my Nation.

Boston was not a protest, it was a RIOTING MOB, out for blood, egged on by the Mayor of Boston, and cheered, after the fact, by the Boston Police.  Granted, Boston Police only cheered the mob AFTER they knew there would be no fatalities.  Free speech was not defended in Boston, it was abused, thrown to the ground, spit on, and had urine thrown at it.

By having civil conversations, at the actual free speech rally, with people I would not normally hang out with, I will not use the “M” word when referring to Cannabis in public forums.  (And you thought nobody was paying attention.) I have a new respect for the environmentalists who spoke so eloquently (best of the bunch).  I will consider voting for VA Shiva.  All things that on 18 Aug, I would have written off as nuts, loco, or an asshole.  Free, civil exchange of ideas, WOW, what a concept!

The 30,000 or so of screaming people wanting us dead, started surrounding the tiny gazebo where we gathered talking about free speech in America, Monsanto and GMO’s.

Funny part is, a lot of the people with us and that were speaking were classical liberals, the type in the 60’s you would see marching on Sproul Hall in Berkeley for the right to say what you want without threat of any attack.

Here is the group of “Nazis” the media is telling you were there:

The Globalists (i.e. Clintons, NeverTrumpers) MUST get classic liberal, Trump voters back to the Democratic Party! Literally, the Democratic Party will cease to exist if this block vote for Trump, or any other “non-establishment candidate in 2020. Globalists, NWO people know this, and are doing everything, in their power to end America. Please don’t fall in the trap. Globalists think Americans are stupid, we are not.

We all know, the Russia collusion scenario fell fell flat on its face, we get it! All that leaking, yet not 1 shred of actual evidence. The Globalists have got to find a new plan. Next up, the most volatile subject in the last 150 years: TRUMP IS A RACIST.  “See” says CNN, “he supports the Klan”.  Then, David Duke chimed in.  (See Below)  How hard can it be, with nearly unlimited resources, to doxx, then direct mail market to some skinheads, and Klansmen? “Hey, get the group together! $25 per hour, they’ll pay for the trip to (fill in the blank)”.   These people are euphemistically referred to as “not America’s best or brightest”. When the polite filter is removed, the members of these groups are referred to as complete fucking morons (Sorry Chaps).

Then, the conniving Globalists convince some naive people, the ones that don’t read accurate history, and have a 140 character view of the world, that a bunch of Loud and Proud, real, Card Carrying KKK yahoos are coming to town, under the auspices of free speech. What are YOU going to do about it? 

It worked in Charlottesville Virginia. It worked because Globalists were able to reach into their pockets and pull out a Mayor and a Governor. It almost worked again, in Boston. This time Globalists ran into a short, skinny wall, Police Commissioner Evans. Commissioner Evans runs marathons, globalists and their wrecking crew, Antifa, CAN NOT outrun, or outsmart the man! 

  The Boston riot was about SHUTTING UP others who understand this.
You are the tip of the spear!