Black Lives Matter Activist Teressa Raiford Suing Portland Over 2015 Arrest

Teressa Raiford photo courtesy DAYLIGHT DISINFECTANT

Woman claims she was arrested because she is activist, anti-Police, anti-white.

The Northwest’s other large City, Portland, has the distinction of being the “whitest” city in over 500,000 cities in America. All of the Politicians, seeking the minority and white guilt vote, remind the Citizens of that statistic on a daily basis, or as needed to create more tax revenue.┬áThe names of the individuals pushing the Progressive agenda are as familiar to us as the mountains and rivers that sprawl across the Oregon landscape.

The SEIU, Planned Parenthood, Government Pensions, Socialist College campuses and many other indoctrinated self identified victims suck at the titular coffers of revenue generating race baiters ,and legislative carney’s only the crookedest con-man could appreciate.

One such medicine-man errr Woman is Teressa Raiford, she fancies herself a leader of the local chapter of the media darlings Black Lives Matter.

Don’t get me wrong, I do value Black lives, as well as Brown, Yellow, Mauve, Grey, Red… You are not a color unless you choose to be, you are an American.

Imagine a World in which every individual seperated themselves and classified their place in society soley by whomever they happened to be born to, not the foundation for a free society.

As a videographer in this area, many refer to it as the “left coast”, I have covered several events that Teressa has been a part of, she always blames authority, white privilege, The Police, and generally everyone else but her pet group… be it BLM, Hands Up Don’t Shoot, and a variety of other angry self-oppressed butthurt outcasts who usually bang a drum. curse, complain, then vandalize my City.

Imagine my surprise to see in bold letters ” Black Lives Matter activist sues City for un-lawful arrest, assault and battery”

Apparently ignoring the Police on bullhorns saying to the protesters, usually minus a required march permit, “STAY ON THE SIDEWALK, DO NOT BLOCK THE STREET, OR YOU WILL BE ARRESTED”, perhaps in somebodys strange way of interpretation those orders are not clear, I believe its a safe assumption on my part Ms. Raiford understood and continued with her disruption of traffic, commerce, and chants often heard from her of FUC` THE POLICE.

Which is it Teressa? FUC* them or obey a simple request that not only keeps them and Portlanders safe, but protects you as well, you may want to go play frogger in a busy City street. you may even join the crew from Jack Ass and film stupid human tricks, but in a State constantly screaming for more funds for schools, the poor, public housing, homeless benefits, and sanctuary status, i’ll be damned if you will extort half a million dollars of Tax payers money to appease your inferiority complex.

The weak kneed Mayor and his sucklings in City Hall will likely settle out of court and Teressa will take money from the rest of us who work for it, only to have it forced away from us, but I had better not see you downtown whining about this or that, then crying wolf when the Police do their jobs, karma is unforgiving and so am I.