After Birth Abortions, AND EQUALITY?

What Did He Just Say?

Clearly the title is a little click-baity, but hear me out: many of you may have seen the article going around arguing for the morality of after birth abortions.  I want take you on a quick walk of what equality would look like in this world.


Children are dependent on their mothers and provide no value yet, so they are not people.


Can we make cases that anyone who does not provide value can be aborted?


We all know that gender is a social construct.  No person should have to deal with a liability that would cause massive social and physiological issues.  If those who identify as women can abort a fetus (or child) without the other participants consent, then those who identify as men should be able to do the same.


Now I will cut the social justice and actually make my point: there are two main issues that I have with the Pro-choice movement.  First, they never have a consistent definition of life and will frequently espouse how animals are mistreated, while being completely fine with chopping up a human being that has a better chance of living a healthy life than almost all coma patients have.

My second issue is the fact that they never consider equality in the equation.  Men are financially slaughtered in family court over child support when they never wanted the child in the first place.  I would argue that what ever stage that women are allowed to abort a child, men should be able to abandon all responsibility of the child too.  I would also argue that if a woman can abort a child without the fathers consent, so too should a man be able to force a woman to abort the child to prevent his genetic material from ever coming back to one day ask him tough questions like, “why did you abandon me?”


If you want to truly follow the values you espouse, then go help a trapped man abort child he didn’t want, even if the mother wants the child!