“Based Elbow Man” & Crew Stomp ANTIFA

Based Elbow Man At It Again

The living meme “based elbow man,” was back at it again, fighting commies and defending America.  Unfortunately, this time he was arrested.  The crew from the infamous “Battle at Huntington Beach” showed up at the “Battle for Berkeley,” and were the first ones to defend people after ANTIFA threw an M-80 into the crowd of Trump supporters.  Unfortunately, the worst police force in the nation, the Berkeley PD, arrested Based Elbow Man and let the ferrel left and ANTIFA run wild after that.

Following this skirmish, the Berkeley Police department completely stood down, and turned into mere spectators.  This has also been confirmed from video evidence showing Berkeley police officers themselves saying the police chief ordered them to stand down. One man filmed himself asking a group of police officers why they weren’t protecting people, one officer responded “That’s something you would have to take up with the chief of police.”

Here is the video of the stomping, as well as highlights from the entire event…