ANTIFA thug bullies bicyclist at impeach Trump protest

Luis bullies bicyclist

January 20, 2018, One year to the day  since the inauguration of President Trump, I remember it well and always will.. I was there and witnessed it in person.

Detractors all over the US hold protests to complain about President Trump, as long as He is in office, the Left will use every trick in the book to get him impeached, never mind all of the accomplishments realized during his first year.

Being a resident of the far-left blue Pacific Northwest, I embarked, camera in hand, downtown to film all the lunacy.

Much to my pleasant surprise, the days first event, “Impeach Trump” ( there would be 2 more events to follow the same day) the crowd seemed to be peaceful and respectful of others, regardless of their allegiance.

The speakers were radical ,yet silly ,there was  signs claiming Trump is Hitler, supporting communism, hands off my *ussy, the typical propaganda.

As usual, I had my head on a swivel, looking for the thugs with masks over their faces , they know Me now and seek every opportunity to stop Me from filming and exposing their violent activities on YouTube, I spotted Luis Marquez and some of his fellow miscreants , being aware of their location at all times …for my own safety.

After about a half an hour of speakers, the crowd of a few thousand begins a march through downtown, as usual they didn’t have a permit as required by the City but…. this is Portland.

Shortly after the crowd winds its way around its chosen route, I spot Luis running after a man on a bicycle, I recognized the rider, he has attended some Patriot Prayer events in the past. Luis immediately tries to block his way, exclaiming He isn’t allowed at a public event, and claiming He is a Nazi.

Approximately 25 feet from the altercation ,4 Portland Police Officers, obviously present to assure the safety of the protesters and make certain traffic would not infringe, watched the protest, I approach the Officer and point to Luis saying ” this guy is provoking a fight, if you want to control the situation before it gets out of hand, do something” the Officers didn’t budge as Luis continued to block the Cyclist , and eventually slams him into a parked car.. you can see in the video ,He is trying to leave without provocation.

After getting off the car ,the bicyclist tries to leave, but Luis and his fellow goons continue to chase him, the Police look on and do nothing, Luis catches up to the Cyclist about a half block up and a Policeman finally intervenes. He asks Luis to please let the cyclist go and Luis screams “but he is a Nazi” finally the cyclist is free to ride out of the area, having been assaulted , humiliated,  not protected.

So far this video has infuriated viewers, it should, not only did the Police do nothing, but Luis’s disregard for an individual He perceives to be His personal enemy, regardless of any facts stating otherwise, is pursued like a Hyena pursues its prey, this video embodies the true intentions of the domestic terrorist group ANTIFA!

We must act as a Nation to treat these individuals as what they are, the Trump hating fake Media props up these goons because they oppose Conservatives, the media shares their bigoted opinions, but as a individual who has gotten to know these agitators as an observer …then eventually target, I can tell you , unequivocally . they are a clear and present danger to America.

The bicyclist has the right to pursue assault charges, and to question why the Officers stood by and did nothing, I hope he holds them accountable, but that is solely his decision to make, the local media proudly reported on their evening news, there was no violence, interviewing the victims, the people they empathize with themselves, wearing pink hats and displaying vulgar signs. As usual there was a story ignored because it doesn’t fit their narrative, and as usual we, the citizen journalists have to use our own media to report what actually occurred.

I hope this video outrages all of You, we need to express anger, civilly of course, and defend our Cities and communities from pariah like Luis Marquez.

I know You will do the right thing, thats who we are.

at the point of the assault