ANTIFA spits on Congress Candidate at Rally

Its ok to be white Rally on Vancouver. Washington overpass turns ugly when ANTIFA invades.

The narrative in America, since the election of Donald Trump, has been intentionally divisive, when the left loses they use re-hashed slogans to demonize the victors… White Supremists, Nazis,white trash.

It is typical rhetoric because its lazy, it requires zero thought processing, they simply parrot whatever their bigoted leadership proclaims in the media.

We have our President in place, He is slowly draining the swamp, it is deep, embedded, and has enemies on all sides, in the front-the Democrats, they will continue , for the next 3 years to find any loophole possible to impeach him.

On the right side-RINO’s establishment Grand Old Party stalwarts who can’t accept any change and are afraid of losing their power and loyalties with any ally-deal making Dems.

On the left- Progressives, Celebrities from all genres pimping themselves out, just as they do in their own profession, siding against Our President with child molesters, rapists, terrorist sympathizers.

In the dark back of the swamp- George Soros, corrupt Justice, and the militant Left Anarchists, it includes ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, any Anarchist group willing to embrace and facilitate the “by any means necessary ” tactics employed by terrorists, communists, and Alinsky followers.

Monday November 13, 2017, A group of Patriots assemble on an overpass above Interstate 5 in Vancouver Washington to wave American Flags, and displaying a banner proclaiming “ITS OK TO BE WHITE.

The event was scheduled weeks ago as a Facebook event, the original overpass was 39th , the ANTIFA caught wind of it and scheduled a counter-protest at the same overpass presumably to fight, so the event coordinator for the White Rally, covertly changed the location to an overpass further north for the attendees safety.

The Rally began without any conflict, flags waving and a lot of supportive horn blasts from the street and the freeway below.

The local Portland area news stations were doing an interview with Oregon Congressional Candidate Mark Callahan, when from behind approached the ANTIFA who had been on the overpass south of here, they immediately begin shouting, cursing, and menacing the Rally attendees.

Luis Marquez, ANTIFA instigator , whom i have written previous articles about, his many arrests, doxing, threats to me personally, etc. immediately starts in on Mark, yelling obscenities, cursing and getting up in Marks personal space, Mark doesn’t back down, defending America, values, and decorum.

Luis withdraws from the conflict, his agenda of starting a fist fight by baiting not being successful, as he exits he spits right in the face of Mark or possibly myself, ( viewable on the video ) in any community that is assault, we called over a Clark County Sergeant and reported the assault, I showed him our video evidence, and he asked me to send it to the D.A.

As the next half hour of cursing , accusations, and rhetoric ensued, all by ANTIFA, Mark informed me he was missing his cell-phone, he carries it in a holster on his belt, His contacts could be very valuable intel for the alt-left thugs, and that evening Mark had to replace his phone with a new one, I did not see his phone disappear so I won’t speculate as to what happened, I will leave that determination to you and get the likely answer in the form of phone doxing, Mark and I are friends so my info is in his phone naturally.

And to anyone reading this who has given Mark their number, be cautious.

In conclusion , i want it to be clear, We simply held a Rally, on public Property, our First Amendment right, the intent was simply to dispel the current rhetoric, just because you are white, or voted for or support Trump, doesn’t make you a racist, don’t let Liberals use that vile label on You, it has real implications, people lose their jobs, friends, and reputations.

Stand up for President Trump

Stand up for America

But most importantly, stand up for YOURSELF !