Antifa Member Gets Restraining Order For Terrorizing Local Businesses

Self-professed, white race hater Luis Marquez protests at all Portland conservative Rally’s inciting violence along with his Left-wing extremist allies which include Rose City ANTIFA, Black Bloc, Oregon Students Empowered and other angry anarchy-communists.

Among his most hated adversaries are Joey Gibson and Patriot Prayer. Luis has taken to social media to insinuate this group is compromised of white supremists and Nazis. In the last month alone, Luis has been arrested at a free speech rally and at the infamous Portland Mayday riots three days later.  On May Day, he was dressed in a pumpkin suit.

In Marquez’s Facebook bio, he claims to be a comedy writer, however his rage and hatred bely his humor. His hobbies also include harassing businesses in the neighborhood he lives in. Several establishments have barred him from entering, following his rants excoriating white privilege, Evil America, his hatred of Capitalism, and other typical Leftist causes.

He especially harbors a grudge against a convenience store clerk which is located just blocks from his Marquez’ residence.  Due to recent harassment by Marquez, Adam Albrecht employee at Plaid Pantry, a small store in Portland has recently barred him from from entering the establishment. In retaliation from the ban, Marquez made up a wanted poster calling him a Nazi, racist, and woman beater, all of which are false, and pasted them all over the neighborhood with photos of his truck and license plate due to this barring.

Slander and character defamation comes to mind after seeing these pasted all over the local area. Apparently Luis has never heard the saying “don’t shi* where you sleep”. Albrecht has  informed me today he has successfully obtained a restraining order against Marquez.

Luis’s erratic behavior begs the question is Marquez a police informant? A snitch? Many activists on both sides of the spectrum are questioning his bizarre behavior lending creedence to the accusation.

With the alarming prevalence of stabbings, rioting, and disregard for civility exhibited, Luis and his penchant for absurdity is a legitimate concern.

MAX train murderer Jeremy Christian displayed similar behavior before committing his savage act. Police were aware of his crazy musings and wild antics, however they were minimized as a mental illness or being under the influence. Perhaps, if taken more seriously, 3 innocent individuals simply riding public transportation, could have been spared.  You can also compare Marquez’s actions to the cuck knight.

If Luis is not a police informant, his lunatic fringe outbursts are genuine cause for public concern that should be addressed to prevent further tragedies.