ANTIFA goons invade University Of Washington freedom rally

5 counter protesors arrested for disorderly conduct.

February 10, 2018 Red Square (appropriately named) University Of Washington, Seattle Wa.

The days of American college campus fostering freedom of speech as an open forum for different outlook ,is applicable to only one perspective, the anti-capitalism, hate America, indoctrination, via the SEIU backed Liberal faculty.

The University chapter of Young Republicans, had the audacity (sarcasm) to schedule a Freedom Rally on Campus, knowing anxiety as well as a  call for a safe space would ensue, they invited Vancouver Wa. based Patriot Prayer to be guests.

Immediately shrieks enveloped the delicate University students and faculty, claims of Charlottsville part 2, swastika toting rednecks, public lynchings, and Geraldo Rivera style accord heightened the palpable fear felt among the educated elite.

The University asked the College Republicans to pay a $17,000 security fee to help cover their estimated $ 50,000 in damages and extra security, the Republican Group retained a lawyer ,pro-bono who managed to get that demand dropped.

On saturday morning, I drove , along with three fellow Patriots ,one who had never been to an event before, the 3 hours north to the campus nick-named  U-Dub.

Upon arrival, our first initiative was to find a safe place to park my Wife’s brand new sedan , this will be obvious later in the article.

Immediately ,it was apparent our flags, red white and blue, and MAGA hats were not welcome, the campus Police and City of Seattle Police asked us to convene near the spot where Joey Gibson was setting up the P.A. For our own safety, the riot squad was poised to form a wall between the frothing angry mob of Protestors and us.

The numbers of the Trump hating anti-deplorable socialist supporters outnumbered the Patriots at least 10 to 1, however that didn’t stop Joey Gibson from leading the Patriots into a prayer and the Pledge of allegiance. 50 feet below, the throng of angry Progressives attempted to shout over the guest speakers, yelling threats, smoking pot from hanging nests of the devils lettuce, the former ..likely whipping the crazies into a symphony of middle fingers and fence shaking.

Less than an hour in, the ANTIFA panty-clad ninja wanna-be’s started their black bloc copied antics, tearing up and burning an American Flag, starting fights, and challenging the Police.

As I mentioned earlier, one of the young ladies who travelled up with Me had never been to a rally, She was concerned about her personal safety. I told her ” ANTIFA is predictable ” just like clockwork, they start trouble during the event.while we have  speeches , a scant few go above and beyond enough to get arrested , they wait till we finish the speakers portion and either follow us during our march, or.. form a gauntlet along the route back, to our cars.

The Seattle Police did an excellent job of controlling the zealots whose fantasy of mounting a Trump supporter , complete with red MAGA hat, on the hood of their Mothers Prius, overrides their sense of decency .Thank You guys.

We were escorted out of Red Square and proceeded to our secret parking spots when suddenly I received a call telling me some of our friends were being attacked 2 blocks away!


As we arrived at the scene, Fire medics were attending to a Man dressed in red white and blue, sitting on the bed of his pickup ,freshly outfitted with a slashed tire, the Police were chasing 2 Clockwork Orange style thugs carrying canes, they got to their car and tried to speed off, (yes its a felony to assault  Conservatives), they escaped the Police, but not my video camera, I filmed their car, license plate, and faces , and gave the evidence to the investigating Officer in charge.

The Man attacked by demon Charlie Chaplin, won’t go home without  satisfaction of justice.

As I mentioned earlier, ANTIFA got intel of Patriots vehicle location and proceeded to slash tires, near the end of the YouTube video above, you will see another Conservative’s pickup tires slashed, they hit 3 vehicles.

Our founders fought for freedom, died to defend our sovereignty, and gave everything to maintain our greatness against all enemies.

Yes ,ANTIFA will slash tires, break windows, pepper spray, brandish weapons, publicly expose personal information, slander Trump supporters with lies…. but those among us  understanding what is at stake,  turning a blind eye to the attempts to make Communism, Marxism, Socialism, mainstream, and take God out of conscious, will assure our decent into the mediocrity existence all other societies settle for.

The reason ANTIFA, academia, the lame-stream media, Hollywood and others wish to destroy America’s greatness is the same reason we must fight to maintain it !