ANTIFA destroys freedom of press in Portland Oregon

Rose City ANTIFA block videographers from public event

Friday night march 16 in Portland Oregon, a local group held a rally called PORTLAND STANDS WITH REFUGEES AND IMMIGRANTS, it was at a public parks and recreation event center… the tax subsidized centers residents are forced to provide.

I and several colleagues showed up, video cameras in hand, to film the rally and possibly share it on social media, a blog like RED ELEPHANT, or any other resource provided in the internet to alert consumers of news they may have missed or not had available on local Media outlets.

We coordinated a place to meet near the event, there was supposed to be a large number of attendees crammed into a small logistical area thus, no parking , We also received word of a possible ANTIFA presence so We walked to the event as a group for safety purposes.

As We turned the corner and could see the entrance to the event, We were greeted by our friends in masks and all black, they were polite to the public but snarled and threatened us if we attempted to go in.

I tried to make the point , “this is a public forum, we are residents and taxpayers, you have no right to prevent our entry” apparently, that observation didn’t hold water in the ANTIFA ideology because they simply started in on their tired phrases, NO KKK NO FASCIST USA, GO HOME NAZIS, the same blathering idiocy chant at every event,

We were outnumbered by the Panty on face wearing mafia ,but unlike them We were not there to fight , we went across the street to film ANTIFA in their natural habitat, smoking, cursing, pointing, until  eventually , one of them approached our group, as you will see in the included video, He was almost certainly the ANTIFA member selected by Luis Marquez to (go start some shi*) that is how all of these events go, anyway, He comes over and asks Us why we are here?

I simply asked why are You here? and followed with the obligitory We don’t need a reason to be here it is our right, after he bloviates about how we hate refugees and immigrants and dogs, Grandmas, and apple pie, He charged me trying to attack my camera, I offered a” get the expletive out of my face” and suddenly ANTIFA advanced on our group from across the street.

We had typical banter with them, they desperately tried to start fights with all of us , oh, I forgot to mention, We were standing in front of  Portland Police east Precinct, the Officers did glance around their front door momentarily, followed by a retreat back inside to rustle papers and drink coffee.

When it became apparent the tension was morphing into battle, we, as a group , decide its a good time to go back to our personal vehicles, it was dark, rainy, and we knew from previous events, ANTIFA is fond of sending their minions to where our personal vehicles are located and slashing tires, breaking windshields, and their new tactic, destroying paint with acid, again in the attached video, you will see Luis, suggesting as much “how are your cars?”

We had several blocks of walking to reach our cars, ANTIFA followed right behind us, chanting insults, threats, and lies along the way, We reached a busy street to cross and the vigilantes approached us again, trying desperately to start fights, including Luis making an oral sex reference about my Wife, the Police drove up and told him to get on the sidewalk, of coarse Snaggletooth as we unaffectionately call him, starts mouthing off to them, I suggest we leave while Snaggle (reasoned?) with the officers and we split up to head back to our cars, hoping to confuse ANTIFA… not exactly a chore.

We all got home and messaged one another, making certain all were safe.

The questions remain however..

Did they violate my Civil Rights by preventing my entrance  to a public event?

Why did the Portland Police wait till We were in imminent danger before intervening?

We were stalked menacingly by a group with intent to assault us, why wasn’t this prosecutable , several of us have press credentials?

I will continue to cover as many events I can, I owe that to my subscribers, my friends running for Public Office, and most of all to myself.

Somebody once said ” I’d rather die fighting than surrender on my knees”

I will never stop defending against them, the ANTIFA problem is very real, fluid, and current, they will not stop until they eliminate all of their perceived enemies, today that is me, Trump supporters, Patriots, Conservatives…

But BEWARE tomorrow it may just be You!