Further Accusation Brought Against San Joaquin County Sheriff


As accusations build against Sheriff Steve Moore of San Joaquin County California, it seems as though evidence continues to mount.  Recently, I was sent a press release packet from a former employee of Steve Moore, which included evidence to support his claims. Steve Moore has had several major allegations brought against him in his twelve years as sheriff, but never seemed to make any national news headlines. /However, with San Joaquin County being an integral part of California’s Central Valley, and with San Joaquin County being the scene of several high-profile crimes, it is imperative that the negligence, treatment of his employees, and miscarriage of the law be promptly addressed. Here are just a few of the complaints brought up against him in the last two years.

2004-2017 274 inmates have escaped from Honor Farm

2015- Sabotaging crime scene of the “Speed Freak Killers” (you can check out my blog, in the near future, for a more detailed post about this issue.)

2016- Sheriff Moore accused of embezzling funds in a firearm “Chop Shop” scheme

2016- Vendor accuses Sheriff Moore of losing a slew of Evidence. Also here

2017- After the DA “cleared his name”, more questions arise as to lacking investigation by the DA in “Gun Gate”

The newest string of complaints are coming from employees, stating that he has interfered with investigations and evidence.  Upon critique of this mishandling, Moore retaliated against them, making their work lives as miserable as possible until they quit.  One former employee, Nick Germann, said they even threatened to bring fallacious felony charges against him if he continued employment with the Sheriff’s office. Dr. Bennet Omalu, known for his work with the brain injury known as CTE, officially announced his resignation today, citing that Moore asked him to cross ethical lines, asking Omalu to change several officer-involved deaths from “homicide” to “accidental”. This comes days after Dr. Parson’s resignation, which cited rampant dysfunction.

San Joaquin County, being part of the combined San Jose-San Francisco-Oakland statistical area, is one of the most prominent and influential counties in northern California’s Central Valley. With the string of allegations coming from various sources, it brings to question the integrity and ethics of the Sheriff of the law. It is uncertain just how many cases have been negatively impacted, how many employees have been mistreated and silenced, or how much evidence has been grossly mishandled during Moore’s tenure as Sheriff.

Enclosed are the statements by Dr. Parson, and Nick’s Resignation.  I could not find Dr. Omalu’s so here is a news article talking about it. Stay tuned for any updates regarding this story.